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Hard Iced Tea Craft Beer from Sierra Blanca Brewery NM
Green Chile Cerveza Craft Beer by Sierra Blanca Brewery NM
ABV 7.3%      IBUs 12
Every August, we roast thousands of pounds of Hatch green chiles in the brewery for this beer.  Frozen in giant tea bags, the green chiles are steeped in our American Lager, post fermentation, for seven - ten days. The green chile infuses the beer with a mild roasted chile flavor and leaves you with just a hint of heat on the back end.  Taste New Mexico!!
ABV 4.6%      IBUs 15
Best of Craft Beer Awards 2016 GOLD - Spiced Beer
This hard iced tea is our latest product that has been a huge hit!  It packs a strong ABV of 7.3% but is smooth and delicious especially when poured over ice and dressed with a slice of citrus and sprig of mint.  This non-carbonated beverage is brewed with black tea.  It's all natural and comes in two flavors, Lemon and Berry - both made with real fruit!

Best of all, Steep Run Tea is available in 3-Liter Party Pouches!  These eco-friendly bags do not require refrigeration and weigh under 7lbs making them perfectly portable for picnics, hiking, skiing or boating and safe for areas where glass is not permitted.
Alien IPA Craft Beer by Sierra Blanca Brewery in Moriarty New Mexico
ABV 7.0%      IBUs 81
ABV 7.2%      IBUs 11
Dos Hefe Double Hefeweizen Sierra Blanca Brewery Moriarty New Mexico
Our double hefeweizen is brewed in the Bavarian tradition with notes of silky smooth vanilla and banana topped with a hint of clove spice, but... it's a bit bigger at 7.2% ABV. This is the boss of Hefeweizens; brewed for you, New Mexico!
Experience an Alien I.P.A HOP-DUCTION! Golden in color and fruity on the nose, the bittering hops are balanced with a citrus-sweet, piney finish.
Our Brown Ale is brewed with English Ale yeast and in the English tradition, we use only Fuggle hops, which are low in bitterness and produce a mild floral hop taste. The complexity is created mainly by the Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Malted Barley giving a roasted coffee flavor with hints of chocolate and nutty or nutmeg finish on the back of the tongue.
GABF 2012 GOLD - English-Style Brown Ale
GABF 2013 SILVER - English-Style Brown Ale World Beer Awards 2015 SILVER -
      English-Style Brown Ale

ABV 5.0%      IBUs 16
Cherry Wheat Craft Beer from Sierra Blanca Brewery NM
Bone Chiller Brown Ale Craft Beer from Sierra Blanca Brewery NM
Sierra Blanca Cherry Wheat is the perfect balance of sweet and wheat. Luscious and tart cherry fruitiness add to the mystery, as this crisp, refreshing beer satisfies the discerning beer drinker. Refresh your palate with Sierra Blanca’s freshly picked release.
GABF 2017 GOLD - Fruit Wheat Beer World Beer Awards 2017 GOLD -  Best Fruit Beer U.S.
GABF 2018 BRONZE - Fruit Wheat Beer
ABV 4.8%      IBUs 12
Sun Chaser Pale Ale Craft Beer from Sierra Blanca Brewery NM
This is the great Session Pale Ale you’ve been looking for. With 60 IBUs, it is knocking at the door of the IPA category. The hops are front and center, with minimal malt flavor. The hop characteristics in the Sun Chaser Pale Ale are citrus and grapefruit with a pine flavor using Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe, and CTZ hops. You’ll enjoy the clean, sharp finish.
ABV 5.2%      IBUs 34
Outlaw Lager Craft Beer from Sierra Blanca Brewery NM
This unique lager balances a rich caramel malt flavor with a smooth hop finish that keeps the palate crisp. Reddish-amber in color, this is a complex California Common-style beer with a great malt/hop balance.
ABV 6.0%      IBUs 60
NM State Fair/Dukes of Ale 2015 BRONZE - American Ale
One of our most popular beers is best described as a malty amber. Crafted from 2 Row base malt along with specialty malts sourced from England, Canada, and Germany combines eight barley types to create a clean, heady, malty amber. This beer has an excellent caramel malty finish. A complex, refreshing session beer. World Beer Awards 2015 GOLD - Amber Ale
NM State Fair/Dukes of Ale 2015 BRONZE - English Brown Mild
Pitch black with a thick beige head. The nose is soft with caramel, chocolate, vanilla, cream, and a mild hint of hops. The mouthfeel is sleek and silky. The flavor is smooth with the lactose balancing the malty notes and off-setting the earthiness of the chocolate flavor. Infused with Madagascar vanilla.
ABV 5.0%      IBUs 37
ABV 5.2%      IBUs 15
This beer pours a deep dark brown with a light tan head. Aroma is malty, roasty with coffee notes and some very light aroma hop. It has a roasted coffee and chocolate taste with a sweet finish.
ABV 8.0%      IBUs 20
Whiskey Stout is the culmination of a passion. A natural progression. A nod to the past and view to the future. Brewed, aged in whiskey barrels and blended to bring you one beast of a beer. Vanilla and chocolate interplay with subtle oak character to lend rich texture and flavor complexity. A bold bourbon character provides the perfect stage for our imperial stout to shine. Our hope is that you enjoy this beer as much as we enjoyed crafting it. Seasonal Limited Edition
ABV 11.0%      IBUs 20
A complex, layered, hop mixture makes this a well-rounded IPA with strong grapefruit and pine flavors with a hint of pepper. This beer has great head retention, strong hop aroma, and high bitterness.
This medium bodied, smooth brew is hand crafted with barley, white wheat and red wheat. It has a blend of sweet orange and curacao orange peel and finished with zesty coriander. So get ready to have your taste buds abducted.
ABV 4.5%      IBUs 10
ABV 5.8%      IBUs 78
This brew can be extremely addictive. Amber in color, this signature Pecan Ale carries a strong, sweet nose, a smooth body and a soft pecan finish that leaves you wanting more.
ABV 5.2%      IBUs 15
This is a premium lager. Crisp, refreshing and smooth with a dry finish.
ABV 4.76%      IBUs 10
A German-style pilsner with German yeast, German Noble Hops and 100% Durst Pilsner Malt. It is fermented at 55 degrees for one week and lagered (German for stored) for at least two more weeks. The sharp hop bite upfront keeps the palette clean. This beer has high drink-ability with no after taste: the finish turns right off. This perfect session beer pairs great with spicy foods.
ABV 5.2%      IBUs 37
Seasonal Oktoberfest Marzen by Sierra Blanca Brewing NM
This Oktoberfest marzen has a beautiful dark amber color and is filled with balanced hops and a toasted biscuit flavor. It's the perfect beer for bonfires and hoodies this autumn! Seasonal
ABV 5.4%      IBUs 18
This Baltic Porter pours pitch black with a creamy head. Peanut butter and chocolate aromas and flavors dominate the nose and pallet. The roasted smooth finish, with a hint of pecan, will warm you up!
ABV 5.8%      IBUs 32%
GINGER ALE -Brewed with a Caribbean ginger blend.

Brewed with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.
Roasted barley malt, real cane sugar and all-natural flavors make up these micro-brewed treats! Family friendly beverages:
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